How to Share your Faith: HELP

Discussion Questions:

  1. Matthew 9:8-13 is the story of Matthew the tax collector.  Tax Collectors were hated by their culture.  What needs do you see Jesus meeting in Matthew’s life?
  2. Why is it important to meet physical and emotional needs in the process of meeting spiritual needs?
  3. Why are spiritual needs the most important of all?
  1. What do we mean by HELP?
      1. We can help people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
        1. The most impactful way that we can be engaged in helping someone is by helping them spiritually. 
      2. Ultimately, helping looks like giving someone Jesus. 
        1. This is because human beings have a spiritual center and if that part of us is healed and whole, then everything else flows out of that center.   
      3. James 2:15-17 But, a lot of times before we can address the spiritual center, we may need to meet someone’s physical or emotional need.   
        1. If you want to help a man spiritually but his body is starving, it just makes sense to feed the man either before or as you help him spiritually.
  1. Why Helping is Important
      1. Listening and Connecting are not just methods to “get to the help part.” 
        1. In the end, relationships are the point. Understand that this process is NOT about having people become our own “salvation projects.” 
        2. There is something powerful about just being human and being relatable that actually images God Himself and it’s beautiful. 
      2. However, as important as human relationships are, the most important relationship we can have is with God. 
        1. The Great Commission (Matthew 28-18-20) is a mandate for all Christians to become the kind of people who can share God’s story with others.
      3. The Gospel itself literally is the good news of the availability of a relationship with God. 
        1. Therefore, at the appropriate point in any conversation we should be prayerfully seeking to have the opportunity to share God’s Story with other people.
  1. Tips on transitioning to HELP
      1. First Question: Have you ever experienced a relationship with God like that?
      2. Second Question: Would you be interested in hearing about how you can?
      3. Refer back to the other Living and Telling videos on the Story of Everything.
        1. The final video actually walks a person up to the point of praying a prayer to receive Jesus.
        2. In the Living and Telling leader’s guide there is also a suggested prayer as a guide. 

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