Question 2. Who are We?

God’s story takes a dramatic twist. With the introduction of evil by man into creation came all kinds of pain, struggle, fear, and even death. We chose to go our own separate way from God, and it’s important for us to understand the impact of this truth.

Romans 3:23   Romans 6:23   Isaiah 59:2a   

  1. Even though we want the world to be different, we struggle to change even the little things about ourselves that we know aren’t right.  How have you experienced this?
  2. How have you seen your own imperfections (or selfishness) cause harm to you or to others?
  3. How did our choice to go our own selfish way actually distort God’s original design?
  4. Why does sin lead to death? 

Note:  Evil is not a thing or a substance, rather it is a lack of good.  If the greatest good is love, then a lack of love is evil.

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